ACTIV8 shines as one of Biotech Innovations’ most remarkable microbial products, meticulously crafted to consistently enrich soil quality year after year, fostering optimal plant growth and delivering superior yields in a cost-effective manner. This formulation serves as a catalyst, facilitating the uptake of vital plant macro-nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and notably, nitrogen. Maintaining an optimal balance of macro-nutrients is crucial, as both excess and insufficient levels can detrimentally affect plant health. ACTIV8 not only promotes the fixation of nitrogen found in the soil and atmosphere, but also safeguards plants against excessive uptake of nitrogen and other essential macro-nutrients. Nitrogen, a pivotal nutrient in high demand by plants, plays a vital role in their growth. Within the ACTIV8 formula, we have expertly blended a diverse array of soil microbes, encompassing both aerobic and anaerobic species, alongside nitrogen-fixing bacteria, to provide a comprehensive solution.


Fixes nitrogen in soil plus solubilizes 7 other vital soil-bound nutrients.


Powerful biological stimulant and food source to activate functionality of soil microbes.

UNLEASH embodies the concept of harnessing the power of microorganisms to fuel soil and plant vitality. Within this innovative formulation, the sugars and microorganisms act as living catalysts, facilitating the occurrence of numerous chemical processes within the soil and plant. Bacterial intermediates play a pivotal role in crucial chemical reactions involving organic matter and redox processes in the soil. UNLEASH incorporates reducers that break down complex compounds into simpler sugar, thus supplying the energy necessary for microbial growth. Additionally, the product features producers, which utilize light and the sun's energy to generate sugars, serving as a stored chemical energy source to meet plant metabolic requirements.

PRIMEPRO-D is a specialized biological seed and seed trench inoculant tailored for dicot plants, particularly legumes. This unique formula not only incorporates beneficial bacteria but also includes free-living nitrogen fixing bacteria and a variety of mycorrhizal fungi. Together, these microorganisms establish a harmonious symbiotic relationship with each other and with the plant, leading to a range of advantageous effects such as improved nutrient absorption, heightened drought resistance, and enhanced protection against pathogenic threats.


Biological seed treatment improves emergence and yields in dicots.
Biological seed treatment improves emergence and yields in corn and other monocots.

PRIMEPRO-M serves as the monocot counterpart to PRIMEPRO-D, offering a harmonious combination of aerobic and anaerobic microbes, including a diverse mixture of Mycorrhizal Fungi crucial for seedling development. This innovative product not only enhances yields, but also provides superior quality crops, safeguards against drought stress, and defends against soil pathogens and insects in a natural manner.

K-Phos enhances the acquisition of phosphorus and potassium through the work of solubilizing organisms that tap organic and inorganic sources of these nutrients. By this action, K-PHOS promotes root growth, inhibits plant pathogens and elevates, increases the availability of several micronutrients and improves plant health and vigor.

Release trapped Phosphorus and Potassium in the soil to enhance plant growth.
Restores Silicon to the soil to increase water holding capacity and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.

The most abundant element found in soil right after oxygen is Silicon (Si). The general amount of silicon in the soil ranges from 5% to 50%. Acting as a skeletal system, it maintains the integrity of the soil. Si being the most ubiquitous microelement in the soil plays a vital role in different plant cycles. One of its major functions is to improve plant growth and crop yield in stressful conditions such as drought, pathogen attacks, salinity, and heavy metal toxicity. Throughout the crop’s development, one of the most extracted elements is Si from the soil. The silicon that remains in the soil cannot be easily taken up by plants or microbes. Bring the strength back to your soil with Si-PRO today!

Iv-PRO is a liquid technology for soil and foliar supplement. The highly proportioned minerals are pro-actively capable of re-energizing the plant instantly, making the plant’s immune system stronger and providing a boost in energy and growth. The ability to relieve plant stress during unfavorable conditions such as extreme temperatures, damp, and compacted soils is critical to growing profitable crops. With Iv-PRO, your crops will hold their own against the odds.


Strengthen your plant’s immune system.

By harnessing the power of beneficial microorganisms and mycorrhizal fungi, DEFEND-PRO acts as a formidable shield, protecting plants against a wide array of detrimental diseases and harmful pathogens. By establishing a symbiotic relationship with the plant's root system, DEFEND-PRO strengthens the plant's innate defense mechanisms, enabling it to resist and combat potential threats with remarkable efficacy.”

Biological defense against a wide array of diseases.

INNOV8 is a combination of beneficial fungi and bacteria that work synergistically to accelerate the decomposition of crop residue. By enhancing the natural breakdown of organic matter, INNOV8 plays a pivotal role in returning essential nutrients to the soil, promoting soil health, and supporting the growth of future crops. These selected strains of beneficial microbes in INNOV8 are focused on breaking down complex organic compounds and returning them into simpler forms that can be readily absorbed by plants. This efficient decomposition process not only aids in the recycling of nutrients but also contributes to the improvement of soil structure and fertility.

Essential tool for residue management and nutrient cycling.