Soil Functionality Explained

In simple terms, soil functionality is how well a soil carries out its intended purpose. The soil is a complex ecosystem on which life depends. Its capability to exchange gases, obtain water and nutrients, and form communities conducive to its health are crucial. The ability to exchange gases, move and store water, supply nutrients, withstand erosion, suppress pests and pathogens, etc., are functions that can help the soil perform its purpose.


Return On Investment
& Return on Life

The dynamic soil ecosystem in crop fields is facing significant challenges due to modern agricultural practices. The relentless impact of farming has taken its toll on soil health. However, by reintroducing and revitalizing the biological life within the soil, farmers have the power to restore it. It's important to recognize that there is no “silver bullet” single solution that can magically reverse damage. Instead, a holistic approach is necessary. Our products restore soil functionality, are user-friendly, and above all, deliver a tangible return on investment. Biotech Innovations’ products have a multitude of features that work together synergistically, but also with any other product farmers may use. This will make way for farmers to come close as possible to a silver bullet. The benefits of Biotech Innovations’ products extend far beyond soil restoration. As you witness the transformation of your soil, you'll also experience increased crop yields, improved plant health, and ultimately, a more sustainable and profitable farming operation. We are dedicated to delivering real results and empowering farmers to gain generational prosperity.


Easy To Use

Our core values revolve around providing farmers with the best-in-class products that are not only highly effective but also incredibly user-friendly. Our products have a substantial shelf life of 2 years. This means that farmers can confidently store and utilize our products at their convenience without worrying about product degradation or expiration. We prioritize products to be ready when the farmer is ready. We understand that farmers have a multitude of responsibilities and tasks to manage, and our goal is to streamline their processes and save them valuable time. Unlike many other microbial products on the market, we have gone the extra mile to eliminate unnecessary steps in our application process. Through the dedicated efforts of our scientists at Biotech Innovations, we have developed innovative solutions that simplify the usage of our products. Farmers can simply mix our products into their typical sprays and go. We believe that farmers should be able to focus on more important tasks, such as crop management and overall farm operations, without being burdened by complex application procedures.