About Us

Made in America, for the world.


Biotech Innovations LLC.

Biotech Innovations LLC. (BTI Ag.) is the formulator, developer, and manufacturer of a product line of cutting-edge biological inputs for agricultural applications. Biotech Innovations products have been successfully applied to farmland throughout the Asia Pacific markets, as well as other foreign markets for over 30 years. In 2010, BTI first began selling its biological products in North America as a supplier to independent distributors under various labels in the United States. The success of our technology has grown and now our products are being applied on millions of acres of farmland.


Our Facilities

Biotech Innovations capitalized on this momentum, and expanded production of our state-of-the-art facilities. This dynamic facility can now assure our distributors and dealers that we have the capacity to cover millions of acres annually.



As the manufacturer, Biotech Innovations is poised, equipped, and eager to introduce our technologically innovative products to the market. We strive to create a collaborative environment with our partners, aiming to introduce new innovative technologies developed in our R&D facility. This way, we can ensure that growers have priority access to our future product innovations.