Farming is a business and soil is its most valuable asset, yet years of synthetic inputs and traditional production systems have depreciated soils’ value and fertility. Investing in your soil’s microbes increases its worth, ROI and sustainability.
Tap into your soil’s natural immunity and nutrient reserves with our products’ vast array of microbes. No other company will offer a more robust system of care.

Solutions That Help You Reach Your Goals


Biotech Innovations LLC has been providing products to farmers and other specialized industries since 2010.


Plants tap into the soil’s vast nutrient reserves ON-DEMAND. Take advantage of nature’s strategy and reduce your synthetic fertilizer budget.

Increased Plant Health

Symbioses and plant-microbial partnerships exist in nature for more than providing food for the plant. These mutually beneficial associations fend off diseases and withstand harsh soil environments, providing an environment where your plants can beat the competition.

Versatile And Simple To Use

Our formulation technology allows our products to be mixed with a wide array of agricultural inputs without affecting efficacy.

About us

Biotech Innovations LLC. (BTI Ag.) is the formulator, developer, and manufacturer of a product line of cutting-edge biological inputs for agricultural applications.

Since 1990, we’ve been proud to be the leading provider of natural products for farmers in Asia, and since expanding to America in 2010, we’ve already covered millions of acres! We’re incredibly proud of our investment in state-of-the-art facilities and our own brand, which has given us the confidence to introduce innovative products directly to farmers.

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Who We Serve

Biotech Innovations supplies many diverse industries that serve the agricultural and specialty markets. See what our organization can do for your business.